Baby’s First Day Out.

So it’s 6pm and Aidan and I just woke up after zonking out. I didn’t expect our first day out to have such an effect on us! When we came home, Aidan slept for 4 hours straight and I had a 3 hour nap at the same time- have never felt so tired before! Wow, don’t underestimate how taxing the First Day Out can be, I guess…

Anyway, I was pretty nervous about taking him out and I was already expecting the worst, so I guess in a way, that prepared me well for what was about to happen. So the plan was to go to our local neighbourhood mall, Publika. We had planned to leave ‘early’ to avoid the public and so that we can find parking easily. But today Aidan decided to sleep in and only woke up at 10.15am! So after his bath and morning milk, it was almost noon by the time we left.

All dressed up and ready to go 🙂

photo 3

Leaving the house was so much more complicated than I had imagined. After what felt like forever trying to dismantle and load the stroller and car seat, we gave up and Celia (our helper) ended up holding him. As we drove out of our parking lot, I was rattling off a list of all the things I had forgotten to bring.

Me: I forgot his blanket

Hubby: It’s ok sayang, it’s warm

Me: I didn’t bring spare socks

Hubby: He doesn’t need them

Me: What if he poops and then we get poop on his socks while changing him?

Hubby: You’re overthinking it

Me: Ok. As long as we have milk, that’s all we need. You took it right?


Hubby: No…I thought you did…

Me: No…you were the one who heated it up!

Hubby: Ok, I’ll go back and get it.


So we finally reached the mall and found a parking spot. We also managed to cause a traffic jam whilst trying to take everything out of the car. With the grace of a small herd of elephants, we finally gathered everything and set off towards the entrance. By this point I could feel the veins in my temples pulsating- I’m guessing from stress.

I decided that I needed to get my eyebrows threaded. Pre-Aidan, this was a simple affair. Just go downstairs and into the salon. Post-Aidan we are now faced with the conundrum of getting the stroller down the escalator. With hindsight, the logical thing would be to find a lift. But at that moment, a sudden wave of confidence came over us and we were all like, “Everybody takes their stroller on the escalator….we can do it; it’s easy right?!!”


Hubby held the front and Celia insisted that she took the handle. Since she is a mother of four, I trusted her to know what she was doing. So I basically had no role in this Stroller-Escalator operation. When we reached the bottom of the escalators, somehow Celia slipped, fell, and the stroller (With Aidan in it!) was stuck and balanced precariously on the edge! Omg I thought I was going to faint from panic…a crowd of onlookers had gathered; a few mums were gasping and a few dads were looking and contemplating whether to help us or not. Thank goodness hubby managed to set the stroller free and help Celia up. Aidan on the other hand slept through the whole commotion and had no idea what was happening.

I guess we will now always remember our First Day Out. All in all, the only thing that was injured was our stroller. It’s scratched badly in lots of places…but I would rather have the whole thing broken up to pieces rather than anything happening to my baby (or hubby and Celia). Wow, is this what motherhood feels like? To care for others more than you ever know you could? Well if it is, then…I must say, I like it.

Before the accident….

photo 1

After the accident…

“What happened? What’s everybody fussing about?”

photo 2

Our poor injured Stokke 😦

photo 4

When I told my mum, she said that it was a really dangerous thing to do…and in fact all strollers are banned from mall escalators in London. But I guess these are the kind of things we will have to find out and experience on our own and learn from our mistakes.

On the way home I stopped for a yummy Froyo treat…my first in over 50 days.

Heaven in a cup


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