About wolly

My Instagram description is, “Advertising. Dance. Londoner. Mummy. Scribbler. Talent. Wife. In alphabetical order”. At this point in my life, this pretty much sums me up! Follow me at diyanaabbas.


I work in Advertising at an amazing international ad agency in KL. I’ve been there for 5 years and it’s where I met my husband. I studied Business Finance and Economics at Durham University and I spent 6 months at an oil trading company in Dubai before realising that although I wanted to work in an industry that managed businesses and clients, I needed my work atmosphere to also be a creative and fun one. Advertising was the perfect fit for me- providing an environment where I could exercise strategic thinking, client management, account handling while maintaining a high dose of creativity. My work is what I like to call ‘Serious Fun’.


Dancing is just something I love to do. I’m not claiming to be the next Pussycat Doll but when I dance I’m happy. Simple. I started off with ballet at the age of 5, and then I did classical Malay dance with the legendary Datin Azanin. When I was 8, I auditioned and was accepted into Tunas Budaya under the Kelab Budaya Negara group. A year later we moved back to London where I continued to dance with the Sri Bulan Troupe. We travelled around Europe under Tourism Malaysia for several years, performing Malay dances in places like Monaco, Madrid, Oslo, Rotterdam, Croatia and countless shows up and down the UK.


We moved to the UK in 1986 when I was just over a year old and we were living in the most quaint and picturesque little village called Wye Village in Kent. My mum worked part time at the village inn where there was a cat named Wolly. He was my friend and apparently I insisted to also be called Wolly, hence the nickname. My grandmother and aunt also came out to visit us and loved it there so much, they ended up staying even when my parents and I had to come back to Malaysia for a few years. When I was 9, we moved back, this time to London and my entire family are still living there to this day. I went to nursery, primary school, secondary school, college and uni in the UK but I moved to KL a few years ago for work and to also experience life in my beautiful country. More importantly, I wanted to improve and speak Bahasa Melayu, as I feel every Malaysian should be able to communicate well in our national language.


I became somebody’s mummy on 30th Sept 2013. Read about my experience here.


I love to write.


I act part time in commercials whenever I get the time and the job. In the industry, commercial actors are known as ‘talents’. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are actually talented lol.


I am married to a wonderful man, Johan Putra. He doesn’t just treat me like a princess- he treats me like a Queen. With him, I have found my happily ever after.

2 thoughts on “About wolly

  1. Hi – I am a Malaysian residing in the US and am attempting to follow some of the Malay pantang practices after giving birth to my son via c section. Could you tell me how soon after the surgery did you start taking the ikan haruan essence? I read to wait a few weeks for the wound to heal before taking the essence. Thank you kindly.

    • Hi! I had a really painful recovery and was still in hospital a week after my c section, so it wasn’t a “normal” experience per se…And because of this, I took everything that was given to me and the ikan haruan essence daily ‘cos I just wanted the pain to stop. I hadn’t done any prior research and only now I know that the essence should have been introduced only a couple of weeks after giving birth (not immediately), and you should probably take it every other day (not daily). Only now I know that there are several layers to the tummy which heal in stages, and what happened to me was the outer layer healed much too quickly; probably due to me taking the essence so religiously, so I now have a bumpy scar rather than a flat one…

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