I cheated.

On my pantang, that is!

By my 40th day of confinement, I could feel that I was exhibiting intense symptoms of cabin fever: – extreme irritability and restlessness from being cooped up in our flat for so many days. My hubby said he didn’t realise there was anything different from my usual self (thanks a lot[!]) but I definitely understood now why they call it confinement. I had never felt so… confined.

So when a friend invited me to her son’s 1st birthday party, I decided to go even though I was still supposed to remain indoors for 4 more days.  I had underestimated just how much I needed to interact with other people and also how helpful talking to other mums could be! My friend’s SIL also recently had a baby 4 months ago and it was a great relief to hear her stories and to just have someone tell you, “I know how you feel”.  For that, I’m eternally grateful!


I was allowed out as long as I promised my pantang lady that I would keep my socks on the entire time…

photo 4

photo 3

Wearing mummy-tummy friendly top

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