What’s in a name?

One of the exciting bonuses of having a baby is getting to choose a name for him/her. To be honest, we both had initially hoped for a little girl, so our list of baby girl names pretty much outweighed the boy options. When we found out that our little Dot was a boy, we went into overdrive searching for the most appropriate name. I had read somewhere years ago that kids with names starting with ‘A’ tend to do better at school- I’ve forgotten the reason why now; probably something to do with the fact that if they’re ordered alphabetically at school, those with names starting with ‘A’ always get to go first or be at the front for any group activities or exams so they tend to be more confident? I don’t know…anyway, all I remember thinking was, “when I have kids, their names would have to start with the letter A then.”

We wanted a ‘universal’ name for our baby that would be easily pronounced and accepted anywhere- whether in Malaysia or when we move back to London. It didn’t take long for us to agree on Aidan – not only does it have a nice Islamic meaning :- ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Help’, it also means ‘Little Fire’ in  Gaelic.

Heck, let’s just be honest; I actually named our baby after my favourite boyfriend of Carrie’s from Sex and The City! Aidan Shaw was the sweet, good-natured furniture designer and Mr. Big’s emotional opposite – I wanted so much for Carrie and Aidan to work out! Lol!

Aidan: I thought that maybe one day I’d build us a loveseat…I love you Carrie…There’s no one I could love more


 Immediately after Aidan was born, we had a visit from my granny in law who frantically wanted to know whether we had included Putra (meaning: Prince) in his name. “Yes, his full name is Aidan Putra”, I said. “Why?”. Well apparently, my hubby’s great-great-grandfather Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah the 25th Sultan of Kedah, had appeared in a dream and instructed that the baby must carry the Putra name. The Sultan was known to have ‘special powers’ and even in death, many still believed his powers continued. If you go to a restaurant owned by a Kedahan, it’s likely that you’ll find this picture of the Sultan up on the wall. Apparently, he brings good luck and good business. ;p


Anyway, it’s syirik or blasphemous against Allah to believe in such things, so I’d take it with a large pinch (or bucket) of salt, but as for the dream, if true then it was nice of the late Sultan to come visit his great great great grandson. 😉

So whaddaya think mummy? Do we look alike?

aidan 2

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