Our little bundle of joy. And God.

Part 1: The Birth

Seeing as I’m still in confinement, I guess it’s quite apt for me to write about having a baby. So here goes…

On Monday 30th September 2013, (17 days before my due date), I woke up with pains. Thinking that it was just false labour, I decided to wait and see if it got worse. I think I was expecting a dramatic splash of my water-bag bursting and excruciating pain, but that didn’t happen. So I decided to clean the house just in case we did have to go to the hospital and come back with a baby. The contractions became more regular and a couple of hours later, it was pretty clear that I was in labour.

Still had time for a final pic before leaving the house!

photo 3 - Copy

We reached the hospital and I was strapped to the machine to monitor my contractions. Yep, they were definitely getting more intense. But being a typical Virgo, I started worrying about the personality of our child based on the day he was born. You see, hubby and I are both Virgos and we initially wanted a September Virgo baby. Not only would we get to celebrate all our birthdays in the same month (super cost-effective!) the Virgo traits are something we wanted our kid to have. But we missed by a month and conceived a Libra baby instead. Then the plan was for us to schedule a C section on 10th Oct 2013 (as the baby was transversely breeched) and I had already read (and approved) of the 10th Oct Personality. Yes, control issues, I know! As I stared at the labour room’s ceiling surrendering to the fact that 10th Oct was now out the window, I was having a mild panic attack on what this baby was going to be like, so in between contractions, I googled and found that those born on 1st October had a fantastic description. So when the doctor came in to see me, I begged him to give me something to delay the birth so I could have the baby the next day. He literally looked at me and said,

“My dear, I think you may have had too much gas. Now let’s get to the OT now- this baby is definitely not waiting any longer!”

 photo 4

I think I may have had too much gas.

 I was wheeled on a bed to the OT for the emergency Caesarean and I remember constantly telling everyone around me, “Please make sure my husband comes in, we’ve already checked and the Dr said it’s ok”, over and over again. I think I was a little delirious at this point. They injected my spine twice or three times (I really don’t remember) because it was too late for an epidural. Then the catheter was inserted- I couldn’t feel anything but I remember feeling super excited and happy. They turned on the music on the centralised sound system and I literally had the baby with Besame Mucho and Sway playing in the background. It was all so relaxing and I remember thinking “Wow this is easy peasy! Like being in the spa!”. [Check out Part 2: The Recovery to see what really happened afterwards.]

Our baby Aidan Putra arrived at 4.48pm weighing 3.08kg and measuring 48cm and I’m only 5”2! No wonder my belly felt huge! Anyway it turns out that those born on 30th Sept also have awesome characters- you can check it out here and see what it says about your birthday and whether it’s true 🙂

photo 2

What I was reminded of ultimately was that while we can plan, God is the master of everything. And while it’s fun to check and follow horoscopes, we should never let it be the reason we make any decisions or impact how we live. God is the First, the One and the Only point of reference, comfort and solace at any time of our lives, good or bad. [Aidan ended up being a September Baby anyway, so at least I still got to have that! Thank you God- Alhamdulillah, you’re the best! 🙂 ]

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