Write, not wrong.

My hubby had been pushing me for the longest time to start a blog. “Why?” I would ask and he’d say that it would be the perfect thing to keep me occupied during my 44 days of pantang (confinement post childbirth). “Plus, you love to write and I love your articles!” he said. (Well, at least I already have one follower!). I was really reluctant at first – after all, why would anyone want to read anything about my uneventful life?

Me: “Sayang, I’m scared to write. It’s basically like publishing your diary out in the open…there are so many haters out there…”

Him: “People are voyeuristic sayang…people love to know details about other people…especially strangers! Who knows; you might get to know really nice people from having a blog- and if it doesn’t work out, you can just stop. There’s never going to be a right or wrong way to do this…”

Me: “Hm, that’s true…I’ve seen you stalk some people online the way a heartbroken girl would stalk her ex’s new girlfriend! ;p”

[Hehe, only joking sayang..I know you follow all those people for “work” purposes only.]

So, today, on my 38th day of pantang; after procrastinating for so long, I picked up my laptop and stared at it. What should I write about first….?

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