Eyes wide shut.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always slept with my eyes open. In my family, the running joke has always been that that’s why I’m so stubborn. (Sigh, I really don’t get Malay superstition!). As I got older, the condition became more of a problem as not only would I creep out my friends on school trips and at sleepovers, I would also wake with really dry and gritty eyes since my eyeballs would be ‘exposed’ all night. The optician diagnosed the condition as lagophthalmos and said that the surface of my eyes are scarred from it. I used to have to put a sticky eye gel in my lower lid before bed. This was so gross and annoying but as I used to wear contact lenses, it was necessary that I did this as wearing lenses in the day would dry out my eyes even more. But 7 years ago I had laser eye surgery and no longer wear lenses, so I also stopped using the lubricating ointment. Anyway, apparently sleeping with your eyes open can be a family characteristic and is actually quite common? But it is also down to a form of facial paralysis which in my case is due to genetics seeing as I’ve never had a stroke, facial trauma, infection or Bell’s Palsy (the other reasons behind facial paralysis).

For the longest time (the past 6 years in fact) my hubby had teased me for having this condition. So you can imagine his glee when we discovered that Aidan also suffers from the same disorder. Every visitor we had, hubby would happily tell them about how creepy it was to watch mother and son sleep with our eyes open and all I could do was nod and admit that it was true, as people made faces and told us how weird it was.

But last night, I made a revealing discovery! I don’t know how I’ve never noticed it before, but hubby sleeps with his eyes open too! I will never let him live this down! Muahahahaha! (evil laugh).


I guess with both of us suffering from the same condition, Aidan never really stood a chance!

This is Aidan fast asleep..


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