Trolls and all things bad, stay away from Aidan!

Today Aidan has been an angel so I have had lots of time to browse the net. (I think this baby knows his dad is coming home today, so that’s why he’s happy! lol) Anyway, I had the absolute pleasure of watching youtube videos in peace for a few hours, so I was watching all sorts of baby related videos such as Dr Harvey Karp’s shh-shing techniques, how to use (the ridiculously long) Moby wrap, how to dismantle and assemble a Stokke, and swimming babies to name a few. Oh I also watched that super-cute newborn twins having a bath video again…aw, bless them!

In the midst of watching the vids, a little ad appeared on the corner of my screen and coincidentally it was my Anmum Materna commercial. So I decided to click on it and watch the ad. It was a bit cringe worthy lah– I have such a weird accent when I speak Malay but for someone who’s had no acting classes or training, I always have to wing it when I get these commercial jobs. I love doing commercials whether it’s for TV or print-personally I prefer print because they can always touch up the pics and TV is much less forgiving! But the main reason I like doing them is because it gives me an all rounded sense of my industry; not only do I work behind the scenes as an Account Manager in Advertising, I also get to be in front of the camera. (And of course the extra income helps too :))


I was quite surprised to see the ad had garnered over 200,000 views (didn’t realise pregnancy milk could be so popular?) but with so many people watching it, it’s bound to invite a few negative comments. Check them out below lol.. It amazes me that people still seem to blur the lines between reality and this reinforces the fact that Advertising, perhaps is not Dead after all. For someone to say, “stupid mom” and “I don’t care what you want, woman!” suggests that they really believed the character I was portraying!


Anyway, the best one was a girl who left a comment as herself (everlastingeuphoria), when all the other commenters had clearly created fake accounts for their trolling pleasure. So just for fun, I clicked on her profile just to see what kind of person would be motivated enough to trawl the net trolling negative comments on random things. Honey, even the highest definition ain’t gonna help you –especially if you’re ugly on the inside! ;p


Anyway, jokes aside, it made me think of how serious the problem of internet trolling has become in recent times. Although the comments made on my ad meant nothing to me, there are people who have sadly lost their lives due to internet trolls. It’s a horrible phenomena that did not exist when I was growing up and it freaks me out as it is yet another thing for me to worry about protecting Aidan from later. A few months ago I read about a young teen girl who committed suicide thanks to trolls on the website I can’t even begin to imagine how her parents must feel. To carry a baby through pregnancy and birth, to go through the hurdles of raising a child…from wanting nothing for your child but for them to be happy, from tiptoeing around the house so as not to wake your baby, to the worries when your baby is sick or in pain and staying up all night to comfort her, waving goodbye to her on her first day of school, watching her school performances, going through the nerves of exams, the laughter, the tears and many more special parent-child experiences only for some sick demented cowards to drive her to suicide with their cruel, heartless comments on the internet is unfathomable. And she wasn’t the only one- this year alone, 4 other kids committed suicide due to anonymous cruel comments made about them on the website.

As if parenting wasn’t difficult enough we also now have to worry about so many things like bullying at school and cyberspace, good friends for our kids, good grades and education, finances, health, faith, love… the list is endless. Aidan, I pray that you will get the best of all these things and I will do my best to give them to you. I love you so much my Babyboy.

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