We miss you Daddy.

If you’ve read previous posts of mine, you’ll know that my hubby Johan has been playing the main role in looking after Aidan since he was born. (The only thing he has not been able to do is breastfeed and I’m so glad he can’t otherwise there would be nothing for me to contribute!) It has made me realise just how important the role of a father is, in a child’s life. And also just how capable men can be (if they put their minds to it!). At one of our pre-natal seminars, a speaker even asked the question, “Who is the better parent? Father or Mother?” and assuming that it was a trick question, I answered, “Both are equally good”. But I was told in front of a room full of 200 people that I was wrong and the Mother is the better parent naturally. This left me dumbfounded as surely in this day and age, we shouldn’t be conditioning people on gender stereotypes?However the majority of the participants in the hall murmured in agreement and I was outnumbered. I think women still hijack the ‘main parent’ role-maybe because we feel that it’s our ‘right’ to do so, as we are the ones who carry the baby for 9 (well 10) months and then go through the pain of giving birth. And it doesn’t help if society still expects us mums to be doing most of the ‘parenting’.

While hubby has been in Sydney for the past 4 days, we have struggled at home without him. At one point, both Celia and I had not showered in 24 hours and when it came to food, thank goodness for the pizza and lasagne brought over by my MIL. Even though I still believe that Aidan is going through his Mental Leap, hence the fussiness, I still can’t help but think that he must be missing his Dad.

My mum suggested this:


So I tried it…


Sigh Aidan…you are such a Daddy’s Boy. How are we going to survive in London for 12 days before Daddy joins us? (Please be good for Mummy…pretty please babyboy?)

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