Pregnancy photoshoot.

Since Anne Gedes became a household name in recent years, many new parents have been inspired at some point or another to do a photoshoot of their baby/kids. And who could blame them- the little ones are beyond cute when dressed up as a little caterpillar or curled up asleep in a giant polka dot teacup. The Picture Company in The Gardens Mall, 1 Utama and Empire Mall claims to do a similar style of photography. (I don’t know how good they are, but if you do then let me know!) But what many Malaysian mums miss out on is the opportunity to do a pregnancy shoot and capture their beautiful bare baby bumps. Perhaps we are too much of a conservative, pious and modest Asian society to experiment with such frills, but I had one myself and I’m glad I did. I don’t think I’ll be doing this with every pregnancy (if I have any more kids that is!) but it was so nice to be able to keep a memento of my pregnancy in the form of professional photographs.

One of the perks of working in Advertising is we get to meet, work with and make friends with all sorts of creative people like photographers and directors. As a gift, we were given a photoshoot courtesy of our friends at 31 Square. These guys are amazing and brilliant at what they do- their award winning work is out of this world! We were so touched that they were willing to give up their Saturday morning just to shoot us, thank you guys- Johan and I really, really appreciate it!

Here are some of the raw, unedited pics from our shoot…(Dear God, please forgive me for displaying so much skin..Eeeks!)



K_JP_1265 K_JP_1276



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