Doctors and Nurses. ;)

Last week I had a doctor’s appointment at the hospital. I never thought I’d ever look forward to going to the hospital but since having a baby, hospital visits have pretty much been the highlight of my life. So much so that I purposely insist that we schedule my visits and Aidan’s paediatrician appointments on different days!

After considering Pantai Hospital and Prince Court, I was actually supposed to deliver at Sime Darby Hospital Park City with a lady doctor whom we absolutely loved. However, certain circumstances meant that we weren’t able to have our baby there, so she recommended Dr Ravi Chandran at Gleneagles who in fact had delivered both of her own kids. A doctor’s doctor? Now that’s my kind of doctor! If you are pregnant and still shopping around for a gynae and hospital, we do recommend Gleneagles. Although it gets pretty busy there, all the doctors and staff are highly experienced and amazing! The nurses were so sweet, gentle and (most important) highly competent which makes a huge difference if you’re having your first baby and are pretty clueless about everything. We were calling them every hour to help Aidan latch, to change his nappy, to help me go to the loo, to change my sheets,to get me some snacks– the list was shamefully endless! 😉 The hospital also has room service (amazeballs!), restaurants, a hair salon (I had an awesome hairwash and blowdry there after one of my ante natal classes!) and a Starbucks!

So after my appointment last week, hubby and I treated ourselves to a quick coffee session; though I only had a tame hot chocolate seeing as I’m still fully breastfeeding. I’m aiming to remain caffeine-free for as long as I’m breastfeeding; I managed to quit coffee the entire pregnancy which has been super-hard seeing as I was a coffee addict before.  I know everyone says a cup a day if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding is fine, but logically, if whatever I put in my body will go to my baby via breastmilk, doesn’t that mean I’ll end up with a hyper baby wired on caffeine? Sorry Aidan, I think at 43 days old, you’re just a tad too young for your first macchiato 😉

photo 2

Anyway on the way home in the car with my hubby I was just musing over how much our lives have changed this past year. And as I looked down at my outfit, I thought it was funny that the top I was wearing to cover my mummy-tummy paired with saggy brown pregnancy leggings and socks with flip flops (seriously can’t believe I have been seen in public looking like this) used to be a summer dress I wore on glamorous holidays such as our trip to  Lake Como, Italy. Sigh, I wonder when we can start to enjoy holidays with Aidan in tow…?

              Summer 2011, Lake Como, Italy vs. November 2013, Gleneagles Hospital.

IMG_6119  photo 1

Dress (now top) from H&M London, Leggings from 9 Months at The Curve (They have great maternity wear!), flip flops from Guess, purse from Bottega Veneta

2 thoughts on “Doctors and Nurses. ;)

  1. Great article an insight on motherhood fast becoming an admirer of your prose your Maldives piece a reason I have a trip booked for February next year.

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